Controlling Government Spending

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Geoff respects the hard work of taxpayers. He strongly believes that tax dollars should be stretched and spent wisely rather than reaching into our wallets for more tax dollars.

Geoff doesn’t talk about an issue. He takes action. Recently, Geoff launched the Real Diehl Report outlining financial problems within the Commonwealth. For example, report 2 discusses how the transportation department self-audits. At a time when the state is spending $675,000 per mile per year on road maintenance, there needs to be more oversight.

During the 2014 ballot question, Geoff outlined over $1 billion of waste within state government. When Beacon Hill insiders tried to raise legislative pay, Geoff blocked the raises. He does not believe that the Speaker or Senate President deserve 75% raises
Spending reforms Geoff supports include:

  • Requiring more verification of income and assets before receiving benefits
  • Requiring more than self-auditing within the Department of Transportation
  • Opposition to legislative pay raises
  • No tax dollars for the Olympics
  • Requiring more transparency within state government such as publishing the payouts of lawsuits against the state