Growing Jobs

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Small businesses are the lifeblood of our state. Three out of every four new jobs are created by the small business community. If we want to grow jobs and wages, we need to improve the business climate for small businesses.

Let's take bold action to improve the business climate and facilitate job growth by enticing new companies to come to Massachusetts and help existing companies expand.
  • Cut sales & business taxes. Rather than maintaining one of the highest corporate tax rates in the nation, then granting breaks on that rate to favored industries and companies, Massachusetts would be better off maintaining a low, consistent rate across all industries and companies. And a lower sales tax will make us more in-line with neighboring tax rates, helping our border business remain competitive.
  • Reduce the number of healthcare mandates. Small-sized employers should be allowed to choose high-deductible and mandate-lite plans. Given the desire for greater cost containment overall, legislators should revisit the mandated benefits and repeal those that impose unnecessary costs.
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should work with cities to adopt a uniform permitting code for small, “neighborhood” businesses, creating fast-track permitting that allows them to open and grow.

Our state is the home to innovative ideas and the venture capital to nurture them into a position of worldwide exposure. Let's foster small businesses so that they can someday, possibly, be a global leader - and still be headquartered in the Commonwealth!