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As a father, Geoff understands the importance of providing every child with a quality education. There can be no greater investment than in our children. They are the future of our towns, state and country and making sure they are prepared to take on the rigors of and ever-changing world are the key to a greater Commonwealth.

Over the last ten years, significant gains have been made, making Massachusetts the leader in education in our country. Much of this is due to the landmark Education Reform Act of 1993 (MERA) and billions of dollars have gone into making our standards so high.

The recent adoption of "Common Core," the Federal education standard that our legislature chose to adopt in the last session, means that there will need to be an integration of national standards into what is already a model for other states. Ideas we need to support to maintain our excellence are:
  • Charter Schools. The schools have more autonomy than traditional schools when it comes to staff, budget, curriculum and assessments, and calendar, which allows them more flexibility to address student needs.
  • Improve on Math & Science. Despite our standing in the nation, we need to have students who can compete globaly and our scoring in these areas demands improvement.
  • Fix the state funding formula for school districts. The criteria is confusing and outdated and results in towns desperately in need of funds not being able to provide the same services as in the prior year.