The Issues

Many politicians talk. Geoff Diehl takes actions and gets you results!

In 2013, the legislature passed a law linking the gas tax to inflation which meant our gas taxes were going to increase every year without even a vote. One State Representative, Geoff Diehl, stepped forward to fight this taxation without representation. He stood up for us - taking on Beacon Hill insiders and powerful lobbyists and special interest groups. Geoff stopped the raiding of our wallets and the biggest tax hike in the history of Massachusetts. Without Geoff Diehl’s effort, your gas taxes would have increased last January 1st and every January 1st for the rest of your life. Geoff is the Real Diehl for us.

The Real Diehl for you!

  • Led the effort to successfully repeal the gas tax being linked to inflation
  • Stopped the legislative pay raises
  • Leading the effort to protect taxpayers from having to pay for Olympics
  • Led the fight for more transparency within the legislature.
  • Worked to increase local jobs
  • Fought for more and increased local aid
  • Always accessible. Geoff holds regular office hours in the district.
  • He is a full time State Representative and he will be your full time Senator.