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Over the past 15 months, we have all struggled under the burden of government over-regulation.

Our businesses were closed and many deemed “non-essential;”
Our children’s education was delayed and their activities stopped;
Our police departments were over-regulated and under-funded.

Now, gas prices are sharply increasing; small businesses continue to struggle to rebound from government regulations; and the relentless attack on law enforcement has made our cities and towns less safe.

It is time for a course correction for our Commonwealth.

On July 4, 2021, our Nation’s Independence Day,
I kicked off my campaign to be the next
Governor of Massachusetts.

Check out the announcement video at this link: Geoff Diehl For MA – Geoff Diehl For Governor.

Our campaign will be about empowering the individual and small businesses and defending our law enforcement.

In a Diehl administration, EVERYONE IS ESSENTIAL.

I’m asking for your support. Together, we can forge a new path forward in this state.

Please consider donating to the campaign: Donate today! (

Every dollar you contribute to this effort will help us reach more voters across the state, and together, we will move towards a brighter future for our Commonwealth.

My sincerest thanks,

Geoff Diehl

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