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July 21, 20210


On July 15th, our state government issued a new order that all of our small businesses must pay back the Unemployment Fund with what the state is calling the “Covid Recovery Assessment.”

  • Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito ordered small businesses to close during Covid and deemed them “non-essential;”
  • Large retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, etc. were allowed to stay open during this time;
  • Government workers were paid during Covid and none of them were furloughed;
  • Baker/Polito and the Democrats gave out increased unemployment benefits during Covid, to incentivize people to stay home;
  • Currently, for any business which was able to survive, many are still searching for employees to work, as extra money is STILL being given out in unemployment funds;
  • Now, Baker/Polito and the Democrats have chosen to punish those businesses further by making them pay back the increased unemployment benefits the government gave out.

Asking our Commonwealth’s beleaguered small businesses to pay back these billions in unemployment funds will further devastate them. It’s nothing more than a TAX ON SMALL BUSINESSES, FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS….And it’s not necessary! We have $5.3 billion from the Federal government that could be used to pay back the lion’s share of the unemployment fund, and save these businesses from this unfair tax.

We can do better for our small business community.

I am calling for Baker/Polito and the Democrats to remove this damaging tax on our small businesses, and use Federal funds to address the deficit.

Under a Diehl administration, EVERY business will be treated as essential, and we will work to roll back these burdensome taxes and regulations that have been inflicted on our hardworking small business community.

Help me fight to save our small businesses!

Please donate to our campaign, either by using the link here: Donate today! (, or mailing a donation to:
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Together, we can forge a much stronger path forward for our Commonwealth’s small businesses!

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