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August 26, 20210

Charlie Baker and his administration, among other state leaders, are disregarding the civil liberties of Massachusetts citizens by mandating vaccines and mandating mask-wearing across the state.

They are telling parents they have no choice in their children’s ability to wear a mask or not, and making decisions based on fear and not on science about mask wearing and youth vaccinations.

Check out the article in State House News on the candidates’ positions on this issue. As you’ll see, Charlie Baker, Karyn Polito, and all the Democrats are on the side of mandates, while I believe in individual choice. Candidates Knock Baker Pandemic Management from Left, Right

The DESE is announcing arbitrary “plans” about loosening mask mandates after Oct. 1, based on percentages of vaccinated students in school districts.
Parents and the people of Massachusetts are making their voices heard, but these mandates keep coming and coming. When will we stop and listen to the science?

It should be the individual’s choice to vaccinate themselves or their children, as well as whether or not to continue masking their children.

You can see video of my appearance at a rally in Billerica, MA on 8/24/2021 here: Statement on Mandates 8.24.2021 Billerica Rally

The people of this state are wise enough to make their own health decisions. Yet the state government has created million-dollar lotteries to get vaccinated; is threatening to fire employees who are not vaccinated or not willing to show proof of vaccination – and it is a dangerous precedent of government intrusion being set by our out-of-touch leadership.

As Governor, I will fight against attempts of forced government overreach and mandates that intrude on the civil rights of the people of Massachusetts.

But, I can’t do it without your help!

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