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September 3, 20211
September 3, 2021


On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, two major ballot initiatives for the 2022 election received legal review and approval by the Massachusetts Attorney General to move on to the signature collection phase of the process. Citizen petitions to reject of the gas tax which Governor Baker signed our state to as part of the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) and a ballot question requiring ID to vote will be on the November ballot in 2022 as long as each effort reaches the required signature threshold. Geoff Diehl on MassGOP Ballot Initiatives – YouTube


I have already come out in strong support of both of these ballot questions, and will work through my campaign to shed light on them for the voters to support. I am the first signature on the gas tax overhaul ballot question, which is an important issue to me since I ran the first “tank the gas tax” ballot question overhaul in 2014, and now am committed to doing it again. Reject Baker’s New Gas Tax – Geoff Diehl For Governor. In 2014, I led the successful ballot petition to “Tank the Gas Tax,” saving the drivers of this state from ever increasing gas taxes.


As a member of the legislature, I submitted several bills to require voter ID. I’m pleased now to see this issue brought to light in a larger sense for the voters of MA to weigh in next year-particularly in regards to the 2020 election and the many issues which have been uncovered regarding potential fraud. Secure Voting for Massachusetts – Geoff Diehl For Governor


In our world, we show ID to do so many things: driving a car, getting on a plane, buying cigarettes and alcohol, etc. Why wouldn’t we show ID to vote to ensure we are who we say we are? It is a no brainer. Additionally, with the Democrats’ push to show vaccination cards to get into businesses now, they would be completely hypocritical to ask people to show their personal medical information to shop in a store, but not an ID to vote in our elections.


Please support our efforts to reach out to voters across the state to support both ballot initiatives. Together, we can reject Baker’s new gas tax, and we can require ID to vote.


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  • Joyce Nyhan

    September 17, 2021 at 1:05 am

    I am standing strong for Jeff Diehl and I am against that TCI and strongly for Voter ID>


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