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September 16, 20210


While Charlie Baker, Karyn Polito and the Democrats are focused on forced vaccines and masking, the people of Massachusetts are asking for leadership to be focused on key issues they believe are important; Small business and job recovery, stopping inflation and keeping taxes low, and making sure law enforcement and first responders are able to do their job and keep us safe.

Right now, state government is handing out millions in tax money to vaccine “lottery winners” and threatening employees with termination if they don’t take the shot. And instead of replenishing the Commonwealth’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) fund, the Baker-Polito administration and Beacon Hill Democrats want to use the majority of the $5B federal relief money for climate change!

Meanwhile, brave men and women of the National Guard are now being ordered to drive school buses because Governor Baker allowed unemployment enhancements to remain in place longer than most other states, making it pay more to stay at home than to go back to work.

And for those hard-working men and women who are trying to make a living at their jobs, the Baker-Polito administration wants to punish them with even higher gas costs through a controversial Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI). This cap and tax scheme will pass new fees to energy companies who will, in turn, pass that cost on to commuters and shipping companies.

We’re already suffering from spiraling inflation from Washington’s “drunken sailor” spending. Raising the costs of the goods we buy and making it more expensive to go to work is just plain irresponsible.

We need to correct course, and quickly!

I am running for Governor of Massachusetts so that I can re-focus our priorities on what matters to YOU. Please check out this video, explaining what needs to be done: Geoff Diehl Campaign Launch for Massachusetts Governor – YouTube

We can make this happen, but I can’t do it without your help.
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