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October 5, 20210

October 4, 2021


Today, I called on Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito to block the attempt to make mail-in voting permanent, which led to fraud and inaccuracies in our voting system. I also called on Baker/Polito to publicly support the ballot initiative for a Voter ID requirement to vote in our state elections.


Sadly, it has become clear as the audit results from Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania have come to light, that the 2020 election was rigged. We cannot allow mail-in voting, which does not protect the chain of custody of the ballots, to continue.


On September 30th, Senate Democrats unveiled a plan to allow same day registration across the Commonwealth as a permanent part of our voting procedure.


As a member of the legislature, I submitted several bills to require voter ID. One of my first floor speeches was actually on this issue: Rep. Diehl Floor Speech on Voter ID.


I’m pleased now to see this issue brought to light in a larger sense for the voters of MA to weigh in next year-particularly in regards to the 2020 election and all of the fraud which we uncovered due to massive mail-in voting. This is why, two months ago, I called for a forensic audit of the Massachusetts 2020 election results. Diehl Calls for Forensic Audit


It’s time for Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito to do the right thing and support secure elections in 2022. Absentee ballots are not the same as the massive mail-in balloting which we saw in the Covid era, which can only lead to fraud and abuse of the election system. They should also support Voter ID.


In our world, we show ID to do so many things: driving a car, getting on a plane, buying cigarettes and alcohol, etc. Why wouldn’t we show ID to vote to ensure we are who we say we are? It is a no brainer. Additionally, with the Democrats’ push to show vaccination cards to get into businesses now, they would be completely hypocritical to ask people to show their personal medical information to shop in a store, but not an ID to vote in our elections.


I encourage all of you to write to your state legislators and urge them to vote AGAINST mail-in voting. I also encourage you to help in the ballot drive to get the Voter ID issue on 2022’s state ballot. Residents can sign up to help through the MassGOP website: Massachusetts GOP


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