CampaignFBI Targeting Parents for Opposition to CRT

October 15, 20210

If Charlie Baker had his way in 2016, Merrick Garland might be sitting on the Supreme Court today. “Governor Charlie Baker deviated from many of his Republican peers and told Boston Public Radio that Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland should get confirmation hearings, and a straightforward vote.” (WGBH, 3/17/16).

Baker on Merrick Garland

This week, Merrick Garland, now US Attorney General, issued an official memo to the FBI to suppress concerned parents who show up to School Board meetings, trying to voice opposition to ‘Critical Race Theory’ and other radical curricula being forced on their children. Does Governor Baker think these mothers and fathers should have a right to question school boards, or should their protests be investigated as “domestic terrorism?” (NY Post, 10/5/21)

Parents Slam FBI Probe

And where does the Baker – Polito administration stand in regards to ‘Critical Race Theory’ being taught in Massachusetts schools? The press seems to be giving the Massachusetts Governor a pass on yet another controversial issue.

But concerned citizens want to know – Do Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito approve of CRT instruction and do they support the Department of Justice’s politically motivated persecution of distressed parents of Massachusetts schoolchildren?

As Governor, I will make sure parents are considered partners in determining the appropriate material for their childrens’ education. CRT seeks to reinforce division and enmity between races and I will urge education officials to keep politically motivated indoctrination out of our classrooms. Moms and Dads deserve to know if Charlie Baker stands with them against this inherently bigoted and controversial instruction.

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