CampaignBaker/Polito Target First Responders

October 26, 20212



As Governor, Geoff will end mandates, reinstate jobs.

(Whitman, MA – 10/26/21) Geoff Diehl calls on the Baker – Polito administration to stop punishing the heroes who worked through the pandemic by terminating their employment if they are not complying with the vaccine mandates.


Diehl released an ad today: Diehl Ad First Responders Stabbed in the Back by Baker Polito , focusing on the Governor’s flip-flop on this issue, as well as the Lt. Governor’s hypocrisy of saying the administration has State Police’s backs at the recent graduation ceremony last week in Worcester.


Diehl has pledged publicly that, once elected Governor, he will restore the jobs of everyone who was fired and will end the mandates which were enacted after the June 15 lifting of the state of emergency in Massachusetts. 


“It’s very simple. Individuals have the right to make their own health care choice related to taking a vaccine which, we’re finding out, is not providing the guaranteed protections promised by government officials. In fact, we’re seeing some very serious adverse reactions occur and its more clear than ever that a medical decision like this should be left between a person and their doctor,” stated Diehl. “This is particularly true when discussing the brave first responders who worked through the pandemic, when a vaccine wasn’t available.”


Meanwhile unemployment numbers came out this week, and Massachusetts is the only state in the country to see an increase in people out of work.


Diehl added, “The Baker – Polito administration obviously consider people who want a say in what’s put in their body as expendable, but there’s only so many members of the National Guard out there to replace all the highly trained law enforcement officials, DCF workers and various state agency employees losing their jobs right now. This mandate is putting at risk the ability for the state to perform the vital services needed by the citizens as we recover from the pandemic.


  • Jon

    October 27, 2021 at 10:28 am

    I’m among the ones being terminated for failure to comply due to religious beliefs. My exemption was granted and then three weeks later revoked with 3 days notice of suspension. We never failed to do our jobs since the start of this, never asked for (nor received!) anything in compensation for our efforts (unless catching Covid counts!), in fact we stepped up to the plate and took on additional duties and reduced deadlines with zero compensation – and now a number of us are being terminated because the state government does not value our contributions to public safety during a time of emergency, nor our beliefs, and especially not our CIVIL RIGHTS! Geoff Diehl for Governor!!! Governor Baker lost 45 votes from my family and friends alone on this one…


  • Linda Ugelow

    November 2, 2021 at 1:33 am

    As a democrat, I appreciate your defense of the individual’s right to make their own health choices. Thank you for this stance.


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