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Since I announced my campaign in July to be your next Governor of Massachusetts, I have heard time and again from voters on the campaign trail is that they feel our government, at every level, is not listening to them. Massive federal spending means that families are feeling the pinch as the cost of goods and gas keep rising. Moms and Dads feel that the school system is not listening to their input about what their kids are being taught. And parents are frightened about government overriding the health decisions they want to have for their own precious children.

But the biggest fear our citizens have, by far, is that our government is no longer providing secure elections. The most sacred right we have as Americans in a representative democracy – one person, one vote – is in jeopardy.

Fortunately, in Massachusetts, you have the opportunity to help change course immediately. In addition to the work being done in the campaign to become your next Governor, I am supporting three citizens’ petitions on the November 2022 state ballot, all of which we are in the final 2 weeks of the signature-collection phase:

1.      Require ID to Vote (ID to Vote )

2.      Reject the TCI Gas Tax (Stop TCI Gas Tax )

3.      Provide health care to babies born alive. (Newborn Protection )

We only have two weekends left to get enough signatures on each question to qualify it for next year’s ballot – The future is in YOUR HANDS! Please donate a few hours of your time to get involved and help! Not only can you sign the ballot initiatives, but you can also collect signatures of your friends and neighbors.

More information about how to take action is on each of the websites listed above, including how to download the petition forms. You can print, sign the and take them in directly to your Town Clerk. Every signature counts!

Thank you for caring about Massachusetts’ hard working families as much as I do… Together, we can re-empower the individual and defend our God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

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