CampaignGeoff Diehl is the clear and easy choice for Massachusetts Governor



BOSTON – Geoff Diehl, Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement today regarding Attorney General Maura Healey’s announcement that she is running for Governor:–

“Exactly a year to the day after Joe Biden took office, Maura Healey has announced her campaign for Governor.

“Over the past year, we have seen the sad results of failed Democratic leadership in Washington. Inflation is running rampant. Businesses are closing. Schools are under-serving students and parents are cut out of the process. Public safety is under assault. And most of all, our nation stands profoundly divided.

“Maura Healey’s announcement signals the start of a race by Democrat candidates to double down on these failed policies right here in Massachusetts. Whomever emerges from the trio of radical progressives, the choice will be clear and easy for Massachusetts: live under government control of every aspect of your life, or live in a state where you’re free to choose a school, a career and a life of self-direction and unlimited opportunity.

“I represent a positive alternative for Massachusetts. I got into this race because we need a Governor to protect taxpayers and stand up to big government. I will. I’ll also support parents and small businesses, and I’ll always have the back of law enforcement.”



  • Mary Lou Duarte

    at 10:18 pm

    Do you support our police officers, and our service men and women? Will you protect our children from all of the foolish things they are being taught such as CRT,so many questions maybe I’m to patriotic, I think we still need to say the pledge in school and with God still in it.


  • Margaret Hannigan

    at 8:43 pm

    CRT is inherently racist and not good for children. Most children do not care about the color of other children and can get along with each other according to their personalities. Why would we want to tell black or brown children that they are oppressed. Children respond much better to positive expectations. And white children should not be guilt-tripped into feeling there is something wrong with them.


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