“At long last, Massachusetts has joined the ranks of many other states and acknowledged that there is no need to continue masking kids in school. I’ve been saying this for a long time, and I know so many parents who have been with me on this for a long time. I would prefer that the mandate end immediately, but at least there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Unmasking our kids is the right decision for our state and it’s long overdue. I hope communities across Massachusetts will reach the same decision and lift any remaining local mandates.

“Today’s announcement represents an enormous victory for parents and for everyone else who had the courage to speak up against these mandates. I’ve met so many parents across our state who have fought hard against masking policies. Many of these parents aren’t political, but they had the guts to take a stand for their kids and to speak out at school board meetings for what is right. I applaud all of these parents for their courage and for their hard work.

“Today, we won. But, we need to keep our guard up and make sure there is not a return to masking policies again in the fall. A recent study by Johns Hopkins has shown nonpharmaceutical interventions do not provide significant protection from the pandemic. What’s more, I am deeply concerned about the effects masking had on students’ health, emotional well-being, and educational progress. I do not want to see our state ever return to a point where we mask our kids again.”

– Geoff Diehl, Republican Candidate for Governor

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