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Dear Friend,

I’m delighted to let you know that I have selected Leah (Cole) Allen of Danvers to be my running mate. Leah declared her intention to run as a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor earlier today. We have endorsed each other’s candidacies, and we will be running together as a ticket.

Leah and I share a strong desire to make Massachusetts a better place to live. We’re both committed to individual liberty and a state government that is more accountable to the people – and we’ve both got the experience to back that up.

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Many will remember that Leah, who previously served in the Legislature, was part of our team back in 2014 when we campaigned against automatic increases in the state gas tax tied to the rate of inflation.

We worked well together in support of conservative principles to govern our state back then, and I believe we’ll work well as a team once again as Governor and Lieutenant Governor. I am proud to run with Leah as a team.

Leading up to the Mass GOP Convention on May 21, Leah and I will be connecting with voters across our state every day. We’ll be having a conversation with you, and we’ll be seeking to demonstrate why we are not only the best candidates to campaign against progressive, liberal policies this fall on behalf of the Republican party, but also the most capable people to lead our state forward once elected to office.

We intend to earn your vote and to serve you with pride and integrity.

Thank you for your support.

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