B2BB2B Episode 10: Franklin County

8:00 AM – Whately Diner – Breakfast

372 State Rd, Whately, MA


10:00 AM – Melnik Farm – Farm Tour Deerfield, MA


12:00 PM – Greenfield Garden Theater – Business Tour

361 Main St, Greenfield, MA


12:30 PM – Brad’s Place – Lunch

353 Main St, Greenfield, MA


2:00 PM – Sandri, Inc. – Business Tour

400 Chapman St, Greenfield, MA


4:00 PM – Orange American Legion – Meet and Greet

40 Daniel Shays Hwy, Orange, MA

With Special Guests:

Jeffrey Raymond, Candidate for State Representative, District 2

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette, Candidate for U.S. Representative, District 2

Sponsored by the Greenfield RTC and the Orange RTC

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