CampaignStatement of Diehl Campaign Regarding Spending Limits

June 9, 2022

Amanda Orlando, Campaign Manager for the Diehl for Governor campaign, issued the following statement today regarding the agreement of the Diehl for Governor and Allen for Lieutenant Governor campaigns to cap campaign expenditures under G.L. c. 55C:

“The dynamics of this race are very clear. Geoff Diehl is a mainstream, populist candidate with a positive vision for the state, facing a primary challenge from a self-funded millionaire looking to buy his way into the Governor’s office, and a general election challenge from an entrenched Democrat waiting to sell out the Governor’s office to every special interest imaginable. Our campaign and Leah Allen’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor both made a strategic decision to try to limit the role of outside money on the race by voluntarily agreeing to statutory spending limits and thereby challenging our opponents to do the same. As a result, this campaign will come down to who has the best vision for the future of our state, not who has the biggest bank account. That’s what we believe the people want and what best serves the public interest. Our campaigns additionally want to make it clear that as part of making this decision it was never our intention to actually accept any public funds. We want people to know that the Diehl and Allen campaigns have not accepted any public money, and they both pledge not to take one single penny of taxpayer money for their campaigns. The voters know and understand that Geoff Diehl and Leah Allen are the only candidates in this race who have the best interests of taxpayers squarely in mind.”


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