UncategorizedDoughty Dodges Debate on WRKO’s “The Kuhner Report”

July 28, 2022

BOSTON, Mass. – The Diehl for Governor campaign announced today that gubernatorial candidate Chris Doughty has failed to accept an invitation by the Diehl campaign for a second debate.

“Once both of our campaigns qualified for the ballot, I promptly invited Chris Doughty to participate in two debates,” Geoff Diehl said. “Our first debate was on The Howie Carr Show. After that, Chris failed to accept my invitation for a second debate moderated by Jeff Kuhner. We’re moving forward without him.”

Diehl says he still plans to join Jeff Kuhner as an in-studio guest on August 11, the date originally reserved for the debate. “I keep my promises, and I look forward to discussing my campaign with Jeff Kuhner on-air,” Diehl said. “The Kuhner Report is a well-recognized leading conservative show, which is probably why my opponent won’t participate. He is most likely scared of defending his support for Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 and his lack of any record supporting the Republican Party.”

Diehl’s appearance on The Kuhner Report will be part of a high-profile week of events for his campaign. On Wednesday, August 10, Diehl will appear alongside South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem on the campaign trail in Boston. The two will headline a fundraiser at the home of Ernie Boch later that evening.

“We have so much to discuss, and I’m disappointed that Chris Doughty failed to accept my challenge for a debate,” Diehl said. “Unfortunately, primary voters won’t have a chance to hear me ask Chris Doughty directly why, when he sold the Tennessee company he referred to in our first debate, he was sued for allegedly fraudulently misrepresenting its value to its new owner. And they won’t get to hear me ask Chris Doughty why so many legislators who endorsed him voted for the Biden-Healey climate change bill after our debate.”

“Primaries are about letting voters decide who best can represent the party in the November election,” Diehl said. “My campaign was supported by more than two-thirds of Republican activists at the party convention in May, and I believe Republican voters likewise will support me to be their candidate of choice to take on Maura Healey this fall.”


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