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BOSTON – Geoff Diehl, Republican candidate for Governor, issued a statement by video this evening regarding the State of the Commonwealth.

“Alongside Governor Baker’s address this evening, I have been asked by many people what I would say if I were the one giving a speech tonight,” Diehl said. “After all, next year’s State of the Commonwealth Address hopefully will be up to me. From my vantage point, the state of the Commonwealth is: resilient.”

Diehl stated a desire to lead Massachusetts into better, more productive times following the pandemic, starting with the elimination of mandates and continuing with a forward-thinking economic plan. “As our state looks to recover from the pandemic, we need to end mandates that don’t make any sense and that are taking away individual freedom in our state,” Diehl said. “Chief among these are vaccine mandates for employees and vaccine passports in our cities. Going forward, we need to begin work on an economic plan to get Massachusetts residents back to work, to reopen our businesses to pre-pandemic levels, and to create jobs. Everyone needs to be part of this important process so we can all share in our state’s success.”

In his comments, Diehl also mentioned the need to make Massachusetts a more affordable state in which to live, including support for communities and for housing alternatives. He also expressed support for education and public safety as priorities.

Diehl invited all Massachusetts residents to be part of his campaign to make Massachusetts a better state. “As we work to recover from the pandemic, let’s do more than just rebuild our state,” Diehl said. “Let’s make it even better than it was before, better than it ever was before. Let’s make a state we can be proud to not just live in today, but to be the place we want our kids and grandkids to live when they grow up. I’m convinced we can do it, together.”

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