IssuesOur Police are Vital to our Community Safety

The attack on law enforcement in this country, and in our state, over the past two years has been shameful. We are seeing a mass exodus of our police forces, as officers leave the industry rather than continuing to work in a hostile environment. Our communities are less safe when we constantly regulate police officers who are trying to do their jobs.

In 2021, Governor Baker issued a series of new regulations on our police officers, which only make their jobs more difficult and will lead to more officers leaving the force. Sadly, the Democrats want to regulate even more, as they pursue a steady stream of public attacks on our law enforcement.

We must fight against the end of qualified immunity(which would allow individual officers to be sued for their actions, costing those officers thousands of dollars in individual insurance policies to protect themselves). We must roll back regulations which protect criminals and punish officers trying to keep the community safe. We must incentivize new officers to join our police forces, and re-fund police departments where local governments have chosen to defund, making our cities and towns more vulnerable to crime.

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