IssuesEvery Business in MA is Essential

In 2020, with the advent of the pandemic, Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, assisted by the Democrat legislature, deemed small businesses across the state “non-essential.” They imposed regulations which shut down these businesses for months, forcing them to lay off their workers. However, at the same time, large businesses were allowed to stay open throughout the pandemic; generating increased revenues and more customers, while small businesses made no income but still had to pay their rent/mortgages and other expenses.  It defies logic why Home Depot and Walmart could be open, but small hardware and clothing stores could not.

The Diehl Administration understands that every business is essential to its owners and employees. Working people depend on their employment to feed their families, and no government official should ever play winners and losers with the small business community.

We will work to roll back taxes on small businesses to allow them to get back on their feet for the future. We will work with the legislature to expand the ability of small businesses to earn income by rolling back regulations, and paving the way for new permitting.  We will work against the attempt to charge small businesses to pay back the unemployment fund for the money the government handed out during the pandemic.

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