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In 2020, Governor Charlie Baker signed Massachusetts to the Transportation Climate Initiative(TCI), a program designed to urge drivers to buy electric cars by raising the price of gasoline until it becomes unaffordable to continue paying for it. In short, TCI is nothing but a TAX on the people of MA who drive or depend on goods being driven to them.

What does this mean to you?

The price of your gasoline will increase. The price of gasoline increasing for companies who drive groceries and other goods to your community will also rise, which will, in turn, transfer that cost to you in the form of more expensive goods that you will have to purchase. If you are a tradesperson who drives a truck or larger vehicle for work, you will pay more to operate your business.  If you are a customer of that tradesperson or business, you will have to pay more for their services, because their costs have increased.

Across the board, any tax on the price of gasoline causes immense harm to working people. Coming out of the pandemic recession, working people should not be punished this way by a punitive tax on the very item they depend on to get them to work: gasoline.

In a Diehl administration, the TCI initiative will NOT be the path for Massachusetts. Instead, as Geoff Diehl has done in the past, he will work to LOWER the cost of gasoline for all of us; which will, in turn, lower the cost of doing business and living in our Commonwealth.

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