IssuesWe Can Do Better for our Children

The largest group of victims of Covid-era policies have been children, who have seen their educational system fail them due to government actions. Children across the Commonwealth are now delayed in their academic skills; they are suffering from emotional issues related to the life they were forced to live during Covid.

When Governor Baker closed our schools with a statewide order, but never re-opened them, children were put at risk, and, sadly, will suffer years of consequences from those decisions. Additionally, we have seen our state government strip parents of their rights to medical decision making for their children by mandating the flu vaccine without any input from parents or legislators.

We must increase the choices given to working families in regards to their children and their education. A Diehl administration will focus on leveling the playing field for children by supporting school choice, charter, and vocational schooling. We will assist local school boards in improving the public education offered to their students, so that, no matter where our children live, their educational lives will be better.

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